Link to publication: 12 Signs You are Turning Dutch

A listicle published on Amsterdam Mamas. One of their most successful pieces to date with over 1000 individual views each month.



Dutch costume

1. You keep a waterproof jacket and trousers in a drawer in your desk. Nothing will stop you from cycling and only tourists wear polythene.

2. You have a bag full of orange accessories stashed at the top of the wardrobe ready for King’s Day.

 3. You have a bag full of pink accessories stashed next to the orange ones at the top of the wardrobe ready for Gay Pride.

4. You recognise vomit puddles on the pavement as an alternative signage for ‘Coffee Shop’.

5. You think it quite normal that a verb at the end of the sentence is.

6. You no longer do a frantic head-turn when you smell cannabis smoke in the air. You just inhale.

7. You know the difference between jong, oud, belegen, and extra belegen 48+ cheese and you use a kaasschaaf to slice them.

 8.Your sentences contain at least one of: Toch?, ?, Hoor?

 9. You never bake without cinnamon.

10. You own a pair of ice skates and you’re not scared to use them.

11. You no longer choke on that phlegm ball when you’re tackling a word with a ‘g’ in it.

12. You let your kids play with nails, hammers and fire. Health and what?

About the author: Deborah Nicholls-Lee is a British national who moved to The Netherlands in 2009. A former French and English teacher, she now works as a freelance writer and editor while raising her two children. Follow her on Twitter.