Freelance journalist, editor and proofreader based in Amsterdam.


Deborah was so lovely. The article is amazing. Everything we hoped for and more. Mac even cried when he read it. He is a softie at heart and felt Deborah had put into words so well how he feels about his job.

Sponsored post written for Colin (Mac) and Willemijn MacDonald of Water Babies. May 2017.


I had a great experience working with Deborah on my website. She proofread it thrice for me, always suggesting very relevant changes. She was also very vigilant to deadlines I gave. I would also recommend her as a French translator / proofreader as her practice of the language is very good.

Proofreading work undertaken for Claire Bano Devautour, founder of My Family Support, December 2016.


Very easy, clear [communication]. The task was completed very quickly. I am surprised that it was so easy and uncomplicated. I am very happy with the result. You are a very professional person to me with a clear vision. You did a great job! Thanks so much! And I am looking forward to work with you again.

Proofreading work undertaken for Ninette Schostack, Photographer and Artist, November 2016.


Hi Deborah,
Was so nice to meet you! Thanks for this draft – we love it! You are a really talented writer.

Terry Chan, Mandarin Stars. November 2016.


Thanks so much for visiting! Love your article!

Simone Davies, Jacaranda Tree. November 2016.


WOW! It looks great!

Charles Grayson, 27 House Real Estate. October 2016.


Hi lovely Deborah! Really loved reading the article – such a nice write up & you are one hell of a writer! I really feel like you summed it up so perfectly.
Huge big enormous thank you for this lovely article! Love reading it and really hope that mums will want to come join us knowing that we have a playful, non-judgmental, positive and enthusiastic vibe on-hand waiting to assist them!
Funny, my mum read it as I sent the draft over to her and she said: ” Ohh it’s just perfect, she captures you so well. Wait, are you still putting sugar in your coffee?!”
Natasha Martin, Studio 191. August 2016.


This article is unreal. Thank you, you have done a wonderful job.

Michelle Murphy, Little Star Fitness. May 2016.


I love it!…You are a great writer! Thanks a lot!

Radha Ovalles, My Little Van Gogh. March 2016.



I had to write you again quickly, just to say we have both read the copy now and we think it is absolutely beautiful! We really love what you created and think it really fits and is written just beautifully! Thank you!!

Bettina Abaoûz, The Weavery Rugs. February 2016.


Wow! So well written! Thank you!

Valeria Steins, Happy Pinguins. February 2016.

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